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Hire an Apprentice and Receive Financial Opportunities

A $1,000 Apprenticeship Scholarship and $2,000 Employer Signing Bonus initiative encourages employers to hire, register and train an apprentice and also provides support to individuals who require upgrading to meet the academic eligibility requirements for apprenticeship training in their chosen trade.

Apprenticeship Scholarship - Eligibility Requirements: To qualify for an Apprenticeship Scholarship, the participant must:

  • Demonstrate an interest in the skilled trades/apprenticeship
  • Be able to meet the academic eligibility requirement for the trade in which they wish to register as an apprentice.
  • Be committed to meeting the necessary academic requirements for their chosen apprenticeship program within one year.

Apprenticeship Employer Signing Bonus - Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for a signing bonus, the employer must:

  • Meet all requirements of employers participating in training incentive placements, as per section 3.4 of the ES program guidelines.
  • Commit to a relevant apprenticeship training plan for the participant, as part of an ES Training Incentive Placement Agreement.

An employer may also be eligible for a training incentive that can be negotiated depending on the duration of the participant apprentice's placement with the employer and complexity of the participant's training plan. More information may be obtained from the Assistance with Training.

Trades in Ontario
You may qualify for an annual tax credit of up to $10,000 per qualifying apprentice to a maximum of $40,000 over a 48 month period through the Ministry of Revenue (MOR) and Canada Revenue Agency

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